In my litigation practice I have a successful track record in numerous proceedings across different sectors, including also cases involving investment services, shareholders’ disputes, intellectual property rights, trademarks and commercial agreements.

There is a lot more to being a lawyer than arguing exciting cases in the courtroom. As a solicitor, much of my time is spent researching case studies, writing legal strategies and staying up to date with the law. A respected career with high earning potential, the law profession can be challenging but also rewarding. Hours can be very long and there is high pressure to achieve the best results for my clients.

I am dedicated to always find the fastest and most economical solutions to suit each case. Nothing is done at the last minute, or is too complex. My services come always with high quality and they are very competitively priced.


Following my graduation of Hellenic Open University and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki where I studied School of Law, I started having my first successes in numerous proceedings. My education also includes a Master’s degree in Tourism Business Administration and I can speak Greek, English, French, German and Bulgarian.

Lawyers’ roles and daily responsibilities can vary considerably, depending upon their practice environment and field of specialization. My experience includes:
– Interview new clients and meet with existing clients to render legal advice.
– Perform legal research to determine how the facts of a case interact with current law.
– Perform case research by taking depositions, attending site inspections, and engaging in discovery, the exchange of information pertinent to a case from both parties to the action.
– Argue motions and attend other pretrial court appearances before a judge.
– Draft legal documents including pleadings, discovery, motions, briefs, contracts, and wills.
– Follow up after a court decision has been handed down or a settlement has been reached, ensuring that all parties to an action do what they’ve been committed or ordered to do.


Every lawyer’s interpersonal skills should be excellent. I have effective conceptual and analytical skills which complement my written and oral skills. The following elements play a crucial role in the effectiveness of my communication: punctuality, creativity and persuasion.

While attorneys are a diverse group with different backgrounds and personalities, a number of skills are common to most successful lawyers:
– Exceptional oral and written communication skills: Many cases are won or lost based on written submissions to the court before a lawyer ever appears in front of a judge. Strong oral skills are required for court appearances.
– Analytical skills: It’s crucial to determine if a case is winnable from the start and advise clients accordingly.
– Empathy and compassion: Clients are coming to me because they have a problem they need me to sort out.
– Honesty and trustworthiness: Lawyers must also follow strict ethical guidelines and client confidentiality rules.

I am a member of the Bulgarian Golf Association (3590001362) and a member of Pirin Golf & Country Club (Bulgaria/ Bansko) (number 001300).

Legal notice

I hereby authorize you to process my personal data included in my job application for the needs of the recruitment process in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act dated 29.08.1997 (uniform text: Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland 2002 No 101, item 926 with further amendments).