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My legal assistance in Greek inheritance issues includes tracing property title anywhere in Greece; investigating the legal and actual status of the property to be inherited, providing full legal reports including documentation & evidence.

Successful assistance in Greek inheritance issues.

If, in the absence of a will, succession is governed by Greek inheritance law, then the criteria of parentage, marriage and nationality designate the heirs. There are six classes of intestate heirs:

  • The first class: descendants of the deceased (children, grandchildren, great grandchildren). The descendant of the nearest degree excludes all other descendants of a more remote degree. The surviving spouse is grouped in the first class and his/her portion is one fourth of the estate
  • The second class: the deceased´s parents, brothers and sisters and well as the children and grandchildren of the brothers and sisters who pre-deceased the deceased
  • The third class: the grandparents of the deceased. If the grandparents do not survive, their children and grandchildren take the portion
  • The fourth class: the great grandparents of the deceased who inherit per capita irrespective of line. The surviving spouse, concurring with the second, third or forth class, receives one half of the estate
  • If no relatives of the four classes exist, the spouse inherits all the estate in the fifth class
  • In the sixth class, in the absence of relatives, the heir is the State of the deceased’s nationality
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